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Welcome to the Lotto Decoding website, where you can find useful information on different types of lotteries, and more importantly, about the analysis, winning chances and strategies on different types of mega lotto with millions of dollars jackpot in the world. 


Based on the experience and theories of professional lotto players, mathematicians and big prize lotto winners; we have developed a strategy to buy lotto tickets in a simple, scientific and effective way to maximize your winning chance. You can follow the step by step Action Plan provided for different types of lotto.  Buying lotto tickets with the maximum chance of winning is just an simply task without studying the complicated theories.


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We are not affiliated with any lotto operator or agency.  We promote responsible lotto playing but not gambling. All information provided is for education purpose and you should know there is no guarantee of winning.  We disclaim all liability in respect of the results of any action taken or not taken in reliance upon information in this website.